From blueprint to execution, the ESC team has experience and up-to-date knowledge to provide the latest and most innovative social strategies. So yes, we can make a sick stop motion video. Oh GIF? Pronounced Jiff, like the peanut butter? Yeah, we make plenty of those. Illustrators, yeah, we know a couple. Photography? Don’t even question us. We'll get offended.

And we like to get close and personal. Not only does ESC believe in innovative content, we believe in humanly engagement. That means that each image is carefully crafted to tell a story, to effortlessly connect to a larger picture. ESC aims to cultivate the brand’s genuine identity seen in everyday's little and big gestures. We will not miss your little quirks. We dig deep to create keenly personalized and custom content that not only expresses who you are but will uniquely form a connection with your social followers. Why do we always go to that coffee shop with the sweet lady who smiles from ear to ear even though they never have soy milk? Because you’ve grown attached to the little details.  So yes, ESC will be showing up at your showroom, boutique, or restaurant regularly. Yes, we will immerse ourselves in your culture, lifestyle, and maybe even adopt your office lunch routine. 





Maria believes that life is really weird and made it her mission to capture it in different ways through the mini-lens of her iPhone, an appendage that she claims is her third hand. With experiences in Visual Merchandising, Marketing and Social Media Management, she knows how to grab your attention visually. With her first start in the PR world, she learned that it is common to have dreams about press releases. Maria also has Event Production skills and when she isn’t producing them, she is attending them and can be found by the banquet table. Maria wanted to go to school for Advertising but graduated with a Business Marketing Degree, which is pretty cool too.